Carbon Footprint (Fartprint) Certificates: How They Work

Carbon Footprint (Fartprint) Certificates. What they are, how they work and why it’s the funniest, greenest (probably) gift that you’ll send!

First things first: why offset farts by planting trees?

By removing CO2 from the atmosphere and locking it up, trees help to combat climate change. Recent studies have found that trees may be the best way to stabilise our climate. 

Trees clean the air 

Humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, trees do the reverse – cleaning the air that we breathe. Trees also absorb pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and ozone.  

Why buy someone a Carbon Fartprint certificate?

Some people are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for as they have everything.

The Personalised certificate can be either:

  • Emailed directly to the person you are buying the gift for as a carbon neutral gift
  • Emailed to you so you can print and present it to them on their special day

OK, It’s a great idea, what do I do next?

1. Think of a farty friend or family member

2. Fill in the form and send them a personalised gift certificate

3. We’ll plant a tree to offset their farts forever

The perfect gift

Send your farty friend a Carbon Fartprint Gift Certificate and we’ll plant a tree to offset their many malodorous personal emissions!

It’s a feel-good gift that’s funny and good for the planet

Carbon neutral farts forever!

In conclusion…

Why send a Carbon Footprint (Fartprint) Gift Certificate?

1. It’s a feel-good funny gift
2. It’s quick and easy to send
3. It’s great for the planet

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