Share The Love for Valentine’s Day

Couples that fart together, stay together. Offset their toots with Carbon Fartprint. You personalise the certificate and we’ll plant them a tree.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

A tree has been planted and your farts are now carbon neutral forever!

How It Works?

Three easy steps to the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 

Step One

You personalise the Valentine’s Day Carbon Fartprint Certificate.

Step Two

We email you the certificate for you to print and present. 

Step Three

We plant a tree in the Highlands of Scotland to offset their farts forever!

The Certificate

You personalise the Carbon Fartprint Valentine’s Day Certificate and it’ll be emailed instantly. You can then print it yourself to give to your loved one in person. Or it can be emailed to them directly.

The Tree

Your loved one’s tree will be planted in our rewilding scheme in the Highlands of Scotland. Carbon neutral farts forever – a lifetime of guilt free farting!

“I received the certificate instantly and was impressed with the quality. Really happy knowing that a tree has been planted too. Great gift idea!”

Siobhan M.

Great idea! How much?

Couples that fart together, stay together!

Certificate & Tree

You personalise the certificate and we’ll plant the tree!


Certificate emailed instantly




Unique gift


Farts offset forever

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Tree planting – What is your process?

A: We work with our Scottish Crofting Partners, planting native, predominantly broadleaf trees in a re-wilding scheme.  

We plant the trees in blocks of 100, creating mixed species woodland that is good for wildlife, forest health and biodiversity. 

We plant a variety of Silver and Downy Birch, Wild Cherry (Gean), Oak, Scots Pine (An evergreen conifer of great beauty – in the past it was used for ships’ masts) and other native species such Ash, Hazel, Willow, and Rowan where available. 

Q: Why don’t I just purchase carbon offsets or buy a tree directly?

A: Yes, but that’s not good craic. Carbon Fartprint Certificates are funny, make a great gift and the bottom line? A tree gets planted. 

Q: Where is my tree and can I see it?

A: Your tree is planted on the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands. Our rewilding scheme plants in blocks of 100 in various forestry locations. You tree will be one of these. 

Q: What if my gift recipient doesn't find this funny?

A: Oh come on… it’s about farting!

Couples that fart together, stay together!

The perfect carbon neutral gift. We’ll email you the certificate and then plant a tree for your loved one for Valentine’s Day!